To connect emerging and passionate healthcare professionals in the greater Boston area to develop strong cross-sector relationships and build knowledge across all healthcare fields.


Healthcare needs professionals with diverse cross-sector knowledge, perspectives and relationships to continue to drive improvements.

In order to address this need and continue Massachusetts’ legacy of healthcare innovation, Boston Young Healthcare Professionals (BYHP) serves as a forum for young professionals across all healthcare fields to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences. BYHP accomplishes this by providing members and the broader healthcare community with educational forums, professional development and networking events, and targeted civic engagement opportunities.

Our vision is for BYHP to serve as a catalyst and resource for the development of young and emerging healthcare professionals who will work together to ensure informed healthcare improvements and to navigate the immense challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

How You Can Support BYHP

BYHP is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization and your contributions are tax-deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

A gift of any size will provide us with the resources to continue educating the healthcare professionals with a passion to connect and collaborate with their cross-sector healthcare colleagues. Operated 100% by volunteers—ranging from a specialized group of Leadership Co-chairs to an Advisory Board of established leaders in the Boston healthcare community—every dollar you give will be put back into the organization.

With your support, we will sustain our community presence with educational panels, networking events, and civic engagement opportunities. And with your support, we will have the resources to act on the ambitious ideas to expand the quality and quantity of what we do for our peers.

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